Artist Biography

I moved to Alberta in the 70s from New Brunswick, following the dream of grand adventure, as so many were doing in those years. My own version took the shape of three children and eventually settling in Drumheller in the mid 80s. Even with full time work and full time mom duty, there was always time for a deep appreciation of the beauties of nature, both while away on travels, and right here in our very own back yard. I’ve always had a decent eye for details, but the time for serious photography was often lacking. So now, after teaching for 26 years in Morrin, I retired and can finally devote my time to growing what talents I was given. My new grand adventure includes improving my photography skills as I discover the beauties of nature around each bend of the trail.

Artist Statement

A decent eye is made better with encouragement from fellow artists, and with thoughtful practice. My focus is drawn to flowers and lichens, nature’s little gems.