Artist Biography

Rosemary Rosin was born in Drumheller and raised in the nearby farming community of Dalum. She has resided in the Hand Hills for the past 30 years. Having spent her life in the country, her photography reflects her roots. Rosemary finds inspiration in the beauty of the prairies and wants to capture that to share with others. Her pictures have a singular focus that captures everything from a wild flower, to wildlife, to old remnants from the past.

Rosemary is largely self-taught, but she has invested in some courses in the recent past, to enhance what she sees. She is now ready to share her work on a larger scale and has begun exhibiting her finished photography at trade and art shows.

Artist Statement

I have always loved photography and now find I am at a place in my life where it has become more than a hobby. I like to try and capture glimpses of the world around me and share its beauty with others. At present that is largely the prairies, but my camera travels with me and anything from mountains to the ocean are fair game. May you smell the flowers you see in my photos. My the child in you say, “Oh….I remember!