Artist Biography

Born in 1993 in Calgary, Alberta, Wade’s fascination with the prehistoric world began at an early age. In 2003 Wade and his family moved to the village of Salmo in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. While there he attended Kootenay Studio Arts of Selkirk College, enrolled in the Jewellery and small object design program. In December of 2016 Wade took up the Celtic style, inspired by his northern European heritage and ancestry. Blending his heritage with his subject of passion, ever since he has been refining and honing his own style.

In May of 2018, Wade picked up and moved from Salmo to Drumheller, to pursue his career in the arts. Surrounded by the Badland and the creatures that sunk their teeth into his imagination, Wade joined the Canadian Badlands Artist Association shortly after.

Wade is a Multi Media artist. He has worked in graphite, coloured pencil, pen and ink, oil pastels, acrylic paint, ceramic clay, polymer clay, beads and precious metals and stones. His motto is

“Give me any material, I WILL make a Dinosaur out of it!”

Artist Statement

As a Paleo and historical artist, I am enthralled by the creatures and peoples of eras long gone. I am compelled to create works that capture the essence of these beings, using whatever is at hand. I seek to remind people that we were not the first ones here, and to bring a touch of the a touch of the ancient within to our cold and modern world. I seek to remind people of our roots. Both the biological and the spiritual roots that have ultimately culminated in us. These roots continue to shape who we are, whether we are aware of it…or not. ”